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"What a fantastic presentation! Once again you have moved the hearts,minds and bodies present to a new high. We are ever grateful."

Linda MacRae-Campbell,
Teaching and Learning Through Multiple Intelligence Conference











Thematic Concerts and Workshop Presentations

Music For The Whole Child

This teacher training seminar combines music, song, creative movement and dance to teach content and concepts throughout the curriculum and classroom. With an emphasis on Dr. Howard Gardner's theory of the Seven Multiple Intelligences, we explore the strengths of music and rhythm to motivate and involve children in all areas of learning. The integration of multi-cultural music, dance and language, diversity awareness and social and emotional learning are combined with the academic areas of reading, writing and a wide variety of the sciences, including anatomy, astronomy, biology, geography and ecology.

Participants will practice and apply songs with content-rich language and concepts that teach positive social values, build developmental skills, and support academic learning with various age and grade levels.

Utilize music, rhythm, creative movement and sign language throughout the curriculum and thematic lesson plans.

Attend to effective teaching techniques that increase motivation and involvement in student learning and assessment. Nurture success, self-worth, joy and community spirit.


Conservation and Environmental Education

"Hug The Earth" - Conservation and Recycling Songs for Children

The "Hug The Earth" workshop is an educational music presentation for young people intended to open up awareness of ecological relationships and teach sustainable environmental practices that support recycling, conservation and preservation of the Earth's resources.

With content-rich songs full of vocabulary and science, poetic humor and practical application, students are actively engaged in a musical learning experience that can be extended to other curriculum areas throughout the year.

The music and the message supports an understanding of the interdependence of all nature and the vital role and responsibility we human beings have in caring for each other, the animals and our beautiful Earth.

Topics include recycling, litter, composting, the cycle of water and water conservation, saving our forest and the salmon connection.


Health and Safety

"Music For The Whole Child, Teaching Total Health"

This workshop focuses on diverse, content-rich health education and prevention songs utilizing music and dance as the vehicle for promoting healthy attitudes and habits. Based on the Healthy Beginnings recording produced in partnership with the Comprehensive Health Education Foundation, this program explores topics on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of health, encouraging children to take care of themselves on the outside as well as on the inside.

Personal safety, hygiene, nutrition, physical fitness, tobacco, drug and alcohol prevention and environmental health are combined with topics on emotional well-being, acceptance and inclusion, disability awareness and personal loss and grief. By making healthy choices and understanding our interdependence, this program offers a fun and educational way to learn about health and the importance of taking care of ourselves.

This music is part of an integrated health education curriculum entitled Primarily Health created by the Comprehensive Health Education Foundation and distributed by The Wright Group.


Music For Infants and Toddlers

Baby Tickle Tunes - Music For Infants and Toddlers

Traditional sing-a-long dances and songs from Tickle Tune Typhoon's Patty-Cakes and Peek-A-Boos explore fun, musical learning and loving.

Participants will experience hands on, fun, imaginative music activities that are developmentally age appropriate and are easily incorporated into the flow of baby's daily life. These holistic musical experiences foster the development of rhythmical abilities and physical/motor skills as well as encourage language and communication development.

This presentation will emphasize the importance of using music to build nurturing and enriching interaction between baby, parents and caregivers, encouraging participants to jump in, laugh and play with the children. We will explore and learn ways to creatively apply musical experience, both spontaneously and in focused stimulation of learning.

Let the babies be your guide and inspiration as you explore your first musical journeys together.


Multi-Cultural Diversity
Through Music and Dance

This specially adapted version of Tickle Tune Typhoon includes two to three of its lead songwriters and performers that will share their original, traditional and multi-ethnic songs and dance. Children will participate and learn about inter-racial diversity and acceptance with songs like "Skin", "Let's be Friends", "Black Is So Beautiful" and "Rainbow Around My Shoulders".

Language will be expressed by teaching children to say "Yes To The World" in thirteen different languages, by learning sign language to "Water Goes Round The World" and by incorporating rhythm and move ment, singing and dancing the traditional African dance of "Kye Kye Kule". Tickle Tune's adaptation of other traditional southern/dance movement games will also be included to keep children engaged and participating.

Our inter-connectedness to all living things is reinforced with a northwest Native American song, "Oh, Cedar Tree" and "The Family Song", "Everyone Is Differently Abled", "Magic Penny" and We've Got The Whole World In Our Hands" tell children that we are all important and there is a place for everyone to be included, to be respected and to be loved.

This program engages the audience to sing, dance, move and sign and creates an opportunity for children to experience the fun and joy in sharing music and dance with others.