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"Tickle Tune Typhoon is fantastic! The group's ability to energize an audience, share positive thoughts and produce excellent sounds made your performance here one that many people have talked about and are already looking forward to your coming back next year."

Bill Thatch- Basic Education Skills Project












Educational Programs for School Assemblies, Teacher Trainings and Keynote Conference Presentations.

Keynote Conference and Workshop Presentations

Teacher Training and Development Seminars

Educational Performing Arts Programs For Schools

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About The Presenters:

In this outstanding presentation, Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphall share their extensive understanding of "Music For The Whole Child" along with action packed ideas, resources, creative teaching techniques and strategies for bringing children, teachers, music and movement together. You will learn highly practical methods for involving students in musical learning and experience ways to integrate these activities throughout the curriculum and across the learning landscape.

Music For The Whole Child

  • Participants will practice and apply songs with content-rich language and concepts that teach positive social values, build developmental skills, and support academic learning with various age and grade levels. Expand curriculum in language arts, social studies, science and environmental education.
  • Utilize rhythm and rhyme, creative movement and sign language to increase motivation and involvement in student learning. Allow children to learn musically and kinesthetically.
  • Integrate multi-cultural and diversity awareness, social/emotional learning and health education through music. Nurture self-worth, joy and community spirit.
  • Explore a musical way to understand and value many kinds of "smarts" through Dr. Howard Gardner's theory of the Seven Multiple Intelligences.

Together these educators and performers have taught thousands of children, parents and teachers thoughout their concerts and Music For The Whole Child workshops in both regional and national venues. As founding directors, songwriters and performers of the highly acclaimed children's group, Tickle Tune Typhoon, they have been creating and performing music for children and families since 1980. Their eight recordings focus on positive social values, children, education and community building and have received numerous Parents' Choice and Notable Children's Recording Awards.

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"Tickle Tune Typhoon's concerts and workshops have been an important part of our Washington State Health Education conferences. They blend the best of health education, music, inspiration and humor. They are great people to work with."

Carl Knickerson, President,
Comprehensive Health Education Foundation