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Singing Science

Singing Science

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Singing Science is a rollicking mixture of original rap, rock, reggae, country, classical and traditional folk, including seven songs with new lyrics written to familiar folk tunes. From mammals to invertebrates, botany to DNA, chemical elements to astronomy,Singing Science will lead you on a magical journey into the wonderful world of science. Winner of the Parents' Choice Award and the NAPPA Award. (National Assoc. of Parenting Publications)

Tracks on this album:

1. Science Is
2. I Am An Insect
3. Arachnids
4. Ecology
5. Backyard Safari
6. No Backbone Backbeat
7. Home On The Sea
8. Ichthyology
9. The Blue Mammal Waltz
10. Animals Down Under
11. Night Creatures
12. Form Follows Function
13. Everything Grows
14. Life In My Cells
15. That's Botany
16. Strange Food
17. Atom Matter
18. The Elements
19. Weights And Measures
20. Planet Jive
21. Constellation Cowboy
22. Time
23. This Old Bone
24. Dirt
25. Geography
26. Rivers Of The World
27. Water Goes Round The World
28. Ice Rap
29. On Into The Amazon
30. Adding Up The Families
31. Yes To The World