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Circle Around

Circle Around- Celebrating Life Through Music & Dance
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This is Tickle Tune Typhoon's debut album. A winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award and the American Library Association's Notable Children's Recording Award.

A delightful, energetic and imaginative collection of mostly original songs. Starting with the Theme Song which invites you into a whirlwind of fun and music, you'll be munching your vegetables to VegaBoogie and exercising to Muscle Music and Sneakers. Your imagination will be tickled by Tree Dancin' and Dinosaurs and we never forget to spend time with a Tickle Tune favorite, The Hug Bug. Circle Around has strong appeal for the very young, yet presents messages for all ages to grow on.

Tracks on this album:

1. Tickle Tune Typhoon Theme
2. Muscle Music
3. Vega Boogie
4. The Monster Song
5. Tree Dancin'
6. Hug Bug
7. Sneakers
8. Bear Hunt
9. Dinosaurs
10. Clap Your Hands
11. Magic Penny
12. We Circle Around